03 June 2009

Restaurant Review: Vintage

Tonight my family and JB's fam. went out for one of our dinners. I'm not really sure how the tradition started, but I love how whenever we're home we plan it. It's nice to actually go out as adults. I'm just waiting for the day that J and I pick up the check.. I think that will eventually mark our true entrance into adulthood (or at least into financial independence).

Anyway, tonight we decided to stray from one of the usual locations and try a local restaurant that we've never visited. We chose Woonsocket's Vintage. With a diverse menu ranging from sushi to seafood and steak, Vintage was our pick because it had something for everyone. Having looked at the menu online ahead of time, I was impressed by the selection and really looked forward to trying somewhere new.

Vintage offers some great midweek specials (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), which include a drink, salad, meal, and desert for two people for only $25. That is what my parents ordered, with my dad choosing the Shrimp Scampi and my mom the Chicked Alfredo. Mrs. B ordered some sort of interesting sandwhich, and Mr. B opted for the fish and chips. J and I decided to split the Baked Artichoke appetizer and the Shrimp Tempura sushi roll.

For a restaurant with a reputation as upscale and pricey, I thought that due to our selections and the mid-week deal, the dinner was rather reasonable as a whole. Mr. and Mrs. B seemed to enjoy their selections, even if J and I did find Mrs. B's somewhat strange. My parents both expressed satisfaction with their meals. J and I were somewhat harder to please. I very much enjoyed our sushi. I enjoy spicy foods and the sushi was very flavorful. It was plated very nicely as well. The Baked Artichoke appetizer left some to be desired. It wasn't bad but it was nothing special. I probably wouldn't order it again. Also, for as great a job as they did plating the sushi, the presentation of both my parents meals was lacking, as bland looking pasta was put in a rather simple bowl.

The ambiance of the place was good. The decor was very modern-vintage and I thought it suited the location. However, I thought the tables were placed rather close together, which made me glad it was not a busy night that we were there.

The overall consensus from our group was that although we did enjoy our meals and did not have any complaints about our food, we don't think that Vintage is really anything special. I don't think that I would ever pay the higher prices on the weekend. For the money that you could spend for a night out at Vintage on the weekend I think that money would be much better spent at a similary higher priced restaurant in Providence, or even for slightly less across the street at River Falls. Therefore, Vintage was a nice restaurant to try for a change, but it is nothing special and I will not be making it a regular in my dining out options.

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