04 June 2009


So J made two lists, the places she really wants to visit while we're in Prague and the places she REALLY REALLY wants to visit. I've decided to call them the long and short lists. I don't know why; that's just what I think of them as. She made hers a while ago, so I don't really remember what's on them; therefore, I can make mine without the influence of hers and see what overlaps!

**With the program I'm already going to Krakow, Poland and Moravia, CZ.

Okay, so my short list: (the places I REALLY want to go)
1. Moscow
2. Vienna
3. Kiev
4. Paris
5. Budapest
6. Munich (Oktoberfest)

My long list: (the places I want to go if I have time)
1. Stockholm
2. Zurich
3. Copenhagen
4. Barcelona or Madrid
5. Florence or Rome
6. Dublin
7. London

Even though I've been to London and Paris, they're still on the list. I just really like them, I guess.

Anyway, here are J's lists that I saved:

Short List:
1. Munich
2. Paris
3. Barcelona
4. Morocco
5. Moscow
6. Vienna

Long List:
1. London
2. Dublin
3. Warsaw
4. Rome
5. Copenhagen

If anyone has any suggestions or input on what should be tops on our list or on what's missing, let me know!

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