05 June 2009

My Vote>One (a.k.a. an Explanation of my Title)

"One Person, One Vote"

It's an important concept for democracy. A lot of times people think that the mere ability to vote constitutes democracy, but this just isn't the case. Would it really be fair if every woman's vote counted for 2 and every male's for 1? Or if my vote counted for 300 million while everyone else's counted for one? Or if the votes of people in smaller states counted for more than those in larger states? Wait a second.. that last one's actually true.

I had never realized that this inequity existed in the American voting system until I read Larry J. Sabato's A More Perfect Constitution. As a resident of one of the nation's very small states, my vote, especially in the presidential election in terms of the electoral college, is worth more than the votes of those living in a state such as New York or California. Some would be surprised that despite my residence I really don't support the way this voting system makes the nation's voting less democratic.

I picked this as the title of my blog for two reasons. First, politically it is an issue that I strongly advocate and want people to be more aware of as an important aspect of democracy. Second, I thought it perfectly described my one person blog that displays my votes of everything.

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