03 June 2009

Jumping on the Bandwagon a Few Years Late

Blogs are my new hobby. A little late in the game, I know. I like their randomness and their ability to teach me about random facts, products, and websites that I might not otherwise be exposed to. I'm not so sure how I feel about the diary-type blog. Sometimes I find them amusing, but sometimes other people's lives are just as boring as mine.

My favorite blogs are definitely the quirky ones, especially with great photos. I've really started to appreciate the art of photography and I admire a lot of photo blogs. I also like blogs that are based upon a certain topic such as political or cooking ones. Depending on what I'm in the mood for there are plenty of blogs to check out.

This blog is going to be unlike any of the ones I previously described. I am not going to describe the innate details of my day to day life. I mean if something mildly entertaining occurs I will share it, but I will not give an hour by hour account of the nothingness. I plan to just write about whatever interests me at the moment. Whether it be a news story, serious topic, or review of something new I've tried, this will just be a blog with my opinion about absolutely everything.

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