02 August 2009

If I Hadn't Been There I Wouldn't Have Believed It

First, I want to apologize for the obnoxious capitalization in my obnoxiously long titles. It is the obsessive compulsive grammarian in me.

So now for the actual story...

Last night I worked at TGT, and then went out for the weekly Saturday night out with the work girls. That's not really relevant to the Story-I-Wouldn't-Have-Believed, but I figured a little background is nice. Anyway, this is where the story gets slightly confusing. I'll make it as simple as possible. The college that I go to is in the same state that I live. It's actually only about 20 minutes away. During the school year I live at school. At this school lot of students get apartments off-campus and stay through the summer. One of my high school friends goes to the same college, and he has an apartment so he's living there this summer. He threw a birthday party for our HS friend H last night, so I headed up there after I went out with the work girls. It was nice to see my HS friends whom I have not seen in awhile, but it was weird because a bunch of my friends from college were there too. So it was a great night catching up with everyone, blah, blah, blah...

So here is where it gets interesting. K, J, and I all decided that we were going to leave. It was around 2, and we were all getting tired, which is pathetic, but that's what happens when you're partying around a work schedule and not a class schedule. Anyway, as we were saying our goodbyes K realized that her keys weren't in her purse. We searched her purse and the house we were in, but they were nowhere to be found. This isn't good 'cause it was 2AM, her spare set of keys was at her dad's, and losing your keys in a house full of drunk people means there are about a million things that could have happened to them. Also, she couldn't just leave her car parked on the street for the night because this particular city doesn't allow any overnight parking on the street. Seriously. We decided to hope that her keys were in her car, even if they werere locked in there, cause at least we'd know where they were. So we left the house and walked outside and K wasn't parked on the street the house is on; instead she was parked on a sidestreet, but not any sidestreet, THE SIDESTREET WITH THE MOST CRIME IN THE AREA. Silently cursing her, J and I followed K to her car. We peered in the windows but didn't see her keys anywhere. K, who is a habitual Lock-the-Car-from-the-Inside-as-She-Gets-Outter, was convinced that the keys were locked in there and that we just couldn't see them. For some reason she tried the handle and IT WAS OPEN! We searched the car and were having no luck until J pointed out that K had left the keys IN THE IGNITION. ON THAT STREET. WITH THE DOORS UNLOCKED. I do not make this up. We all took a moment to reflect on the stupidity and luck that came over Kirstie, and then J and I say bye to her and start walking back to our cars, in front of the house we had gone to, where normal people would park. As we walked away K opened her door and started yelling for us. Her car wouldn't start. Can you say karma? So us three girls ended up huddled around our cars on this not-so-safe street as I jumpstarted her car. I was extremely thankful that my father made me learn, but I will not give him the satisfaction of knowing that, at least for another ten years.

1. I have the ditsyest (I am allowed to make up words. You know what I mean) friends ever.
2. It's fun to have your college and HS friends all in one place, but it is also potentially awkward as they have heard various stories about each other.
3. Don't become content in thinking you have solved a problem. If something else can go wrong, it will.
4. I DON'T WANT TO SAY THIS, but thanks, Dad.

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