01 August 2009

Don't Worry I'm Not Saying the Dog's Gone and Brought Me Religion or Something Crazy Like THAT

Last week I was having a bad day. I broke down into tears, something I rarely do, and once I did I couldn't stop. I laid on the floor sobbing with the rest of my family upstairs in bed. Feeling extremely lonely and pretty depressed, I was surprised to find I wasn't alone. No it was not God. (Don't get me started on that.) It was Sydney who appeared genuinely concerned for my well being. She licked my face and hands and when I would bury my face in my hands to sob she would just lay her head on me. Sometimes we do this as a game where N or I place our heads down on the floor and she digs them out with her snout, but in this instance she knew she wasn't playing. It sounds stupid but at that point knowing that someone cared and didn't want to see me in pain, even a dog, meant a great deal.

Since that night Sydney's been sleeping at the foot of the "bed" that I've been sleeping on lately. (By bed I mean mattress thingy that I've taken to sleeping on on the living room floor. Don't ask.) Anyway, I have never been this close to an animal, or maybe even human for that matter, and I'm starting to think I like it.

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